Woodlot Management


FOR-ECO SYLVICULTURE offers turnkey services to carry out forest harvesting or tree planting contracts. We also provide technical services to support your forest management projects, such as:

  • Forest management plan
  • Reforestation
  • Brush clearing and piling to prepare sites for tree planting
  • Precommercial thinning
  • Partial cutting (commercial thinning, selection or shelterwood cutting, etc.)
  • Salvage cutting following tree diseases, insect infestations or wind storm damage
  • Forest road construction or improvement
  • Development of recreational trails

Why should you consider managing your forest?

Partial cutting of dense, mature forests, if carefully planned and carried out, offers numerous advantages:

  • The reduction of stand density improves the growth of remaining trees.
  • The judicious selection of trees to be cut ensures that the remaining forest is healthier, more productive and composed of well-adapted tree species.
  • The creation of small openings in the forest canopy allows more light to reach the forest floor, favouring natural regeneration and the growth of established understory trees. This mimics the natural evolution of the forest, while accelerating growth.
  • Harvesting damaged or declining trees may prevent the spread of tree diseases.
  • The sale of wood products from your forest to sawtimber, pulpwood and firewood markets can generate substantial revenues.
  • Managing your woodlot may allow you to qualify for annual tax reimbursements worth 85% of your land taxes.
  • Reforesting open areas or enriching degraded stands by the planting of high-quality species can ensure the regeneration of unproductive parts of your property

Our staff, made up of professional foresters, forest technicians, mapping specialists and a team of professional forest workers, can customize forest management projects to meet the woodlot owner’s objectives. We strive to work in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner to improve our clients’ woodlands, now and for the future.

If you would like an assessment of the viability of a forest harvesting or tree planting project, please contact FOR-ECO SYLVICULTURE for an introductory consultation.